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About Us

When you choose ACE Solid Waste, you're choosing a company with over 60 years of experience servicing the local area and a dedication to safety, reliability, and friendly service. It's the ACE difference.

Why Choose ACE?

  • Our company culture promotes professionalism, dedication to customers and service to local communities.
  • Our service guarantee- service or price- call us and we'll make it right.
  • Our phones are answered by real people during business hours. These trained customer service representatives,whose only job is to help you, will answer your call promptly.
  • Our people are trained and experienced. Scheduled safety training and service standards result in clean, neat and orderly collection, every time.

Built to Last

During Eisenhower's first term as President, the country was in pretty good shape, and a local boy, Don Hedtke, had just returned from the Korean War.Hauling ashes (as it was called back then) became a career of choice. Don drove an old pick-up truck through the neighborhoods, knocking on doors and looking for full ash cans. Two bits a barrel, cash, was the typical charge. Adams Disposal was his first employer, but soon he struck out on his own.

In 1955, ACE was born when Don, his brother, and a friend combined forces. They spent the next 37 years building a history of service. In 1992, Andy and Tim Schweizer saw the value of ACE and purchased the company from Dean Warden and Bill Hedtke. Located in Andover, the company had 25 garbage trucks and 25,000 loyal customers in a growing community. Confident in themselves and their people, the brothers invested time and money in a service organization that is built to last. Today, ACE is a Waste Connections Company still based in Ramsey. With over 60 trucks and 85,000 customers, ACE continues to build upon their service history established in 1955.

Many books have been written on how to be successful in business. Strategic planning, government compliance, beating the competition, and investing in the latest technology are all said to be keys to success. Each has its place, but in business and in life, values and vision guarantee lasting success.

When it was time to join forces with other haulers, ACE did it. When driver safety needed improvement, ACE gave customers carts to reduce manual lifting. When the community asked for curbside recycling, ACE provided it. When technology improved, ACE was one of the first companies to offer two-sort recycling. In 2004, to increase convenience for our yard waste customers, ACE began offering yard waste collection carts.

To increase recycling, all customers were converted to single-sort recycling using a wheeled container. It was the largest single monetary investment in ACE's history and has proven to be a success for our customers and the environment.

The summer of 2012 marked the introduction of Natural Gas Vehicles in the ACE fleet. Converting to natural gas as a fuel source will reduce our reliance on the political whims of the foreign oil market and will improve our stability and future as a company. It also supports American jobs and infrastructure.

Here at ACE we are committed to defining a company culture that values service, honesty and trust. We recognize our role in the community, both every day on the street(safety, service, professionalism) and through the years as part of the local economy - creating jobs, strengthening the tax base and helping local charities.

It's the ACE Difference.

Andy Schweizer / Founder Don Hedtke

Former owner Andy Schweizer / Founder Don Hedtke

Bill Hedtke / Dean Warden

Former owners Bill Hedtke and Dean Warden

A Natural Fit with the ACE Difference

Safety: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the safest transport fuels available 
Natural gas is lighter-than-air, easily detectable, nontoxic and disperses quickly. It's has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline or diesel fuel which reduces the chances of accidental ignition. Waterway pollution and fire risk is reduced because CNG does not pool on the ground like liquid fuels.

Service: ACE customers expect us to innovate 
Natural gas vehicles burn cleaner than conventional gasoline or diesel due to its lower carbon content. We believe, over the long-term, the switch will help ACE contain costs and provide a better value to our customers. On average, natural gas vehicles are 10 decibels quieter than a comparable diesel engine.

Responsibility: Numerous studies have shown North America has at least a 120-year supply of natural gas. 
“Over our 55 year history, we have used gasoline, propane, diesel and now natural gas. We see it as the natural progression and the future of fuel,” said ACE Solid Waste manager, Andy Schweizer, “We call it the American Fuel. Not only is natural gas more economical, it burns cleaner with low emissions, and is domestically produced. Let’s be honest, let’s be true, it’s more than green, it’s about red, white, and blue.”

ACE In The News: Click to watch the video play_circle_filled

ACE Solid Waste Truck
ACE Solid Wsate Disposal

Carts on Parade is our premier community outreach program that promotes environmental awareness and recycling by engaging local community groups in a cart decorating contest and “cart brigades” for community parades. A cash donation is made to the group for their efforts. Is your local group interested in doing our brigade? just send us an email.

In addition, ACE sponsors a cart decorating contest at the Anoka county Fair. In this program local community groups decorate an ACE cart with environmental and recycling themes. Carts are judged and cash prizes are awarded in various categories and for participation.

We sponsor many worthy causes and programs that strengthen our communities, and we encourage other people to do so as well.The benefits of giving and reaching out to others are endless.

I golfed at the ARCC Foundation tournament yesterday. I was able to do that because of the generosity of ACE Solid Waste. Our group had a great time, and we were also able to contribute to the good work of the Foundation. In addition, I am a loyal ACE customer, and I think you guys do a great job.


ACE can help you dispose of most materials. However, some materials are unacceptable or hazardous and need to be disposed of at your county drop-off site. For more information about disposing of unacceptable items, contact your county's web site:


The links in this section are for more detailed and specific information. ACE does not endorse any of the following links and is not responsible for its content.

You may have been hearing some rumblings in your community about "organized collection". This is a scheme where your local unit of government steps in the middle of the long-standing service relationship we have developed with our customers over many, many years.

The history, in most of the ACE service area has been the "subscription" model. Under the subscription system, residents have the freedom to choose a garbage and recycling service provider that best fits their needs. These needs could include price, service offering, type of company or driver attitude. It's a market driven, competitive system that fosters innovation, allows small business to grow and provides a tremendous overall value to the consumer. ACE, since 1955, has grown under this system and made significant monetary investments to support the community, customers, the company and employees. The relationships we have developed with customers have value.

Unfortunately, some people in government believe it would be better if they managed this service for you. They refuse to recognize the value of our relationship and residents desire to maintain their choice in a competitive market. The claimed benefits of a government run scheme will never out-weigh the current subscription system where individual choice and the ability to switch service providers, without government restrictions, drives value.

We appreciate your support of ACE, small business and a dynamic competitive market for garbage and recycling services.

For more information visit:

Thanks to you, Mike and Andy for taking time out of your busy schedules to give me a tour of your plant. The economic impact that the free enterprise system brings to our communities is remarkable. Keep up the great work!!!

City Council Member - Jeff

ACE is committed to providing the best, most environmentally responsible solutions to its customers and the community. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute II5A.9302, ACE hereby discloses the following information on disposal and locations. 

Statement required by Law:

"You may be responsible for any liability that results from contamination at a facility where your waste has been deposited. Minnesota believes that its waste management system provides substantially more financial and environmental protection than depositing waste in landfills in other states. Managing your waste in Minnesota may minimize your potential liability."

Elk River Landfill - a Division of Waste Management, Inc.22460 Hwy 169 NWElk River, MN 55330 MPCA Permit SW-7447

East Central Sanitation Waste Commission, 1756 180th Ave, Mora, MN 

Hennepin County Res. Co. 505 - 6th avenue N. Minneapolis, MN. 55406 MPCA Permit SW - 396

Lake Area Disposal, W5987 County Highway D, Sarona, WI 54870 WDNR Permit 3474

Newport Resource Recovery Facility - 100 Red Rock Rd Newport, Minnesota 55055-1827 MPCA Permit SW 286-002

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