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Welcome Ham Lake Customers

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ACE is proud to be a part of Ham Lake Haulers. Ham Lake Haulers is a partnership between ACE Solid Waste and Waste Management. The organization was created years ago to better manage the garbage and recycling system in the City of Ham Lake. We have worked with your City officials over the years to provide you with the best available service at an economical price. Charges for the service are billed quarterly. Depending on your address, your service is provided either by Waste Management or ACE Solid Waste personnel and equipment.

For all service changes and scheduling please call 763-427-3112.

Trash service is collected weekly and recycling is collected every other week for customers in Ham Lake.

The My Schedule feature below works ONLY if you are serviced by ACE Solid Waste. We are working to include access for those serviced by Waste Management.


With Simple Sort recycling, all the recyclable material is placed into one recycling cart (grey lid) that is collected every other week. ACE provides curbside automated collection service using special trucks with an automated arm that lifts the recycling cart and empties it into the truck. Please have recycle container at the street by 6:00 a.m. on collection day to ensure collection. (All cities that ACE services have different allowable residential start times in their city and 6:00 a.m. is the earliest, but ACE will comply with each city start time ordinance).

ALWAYS PLACE ACCEPTABLE RECYCLING LOOSE IN YOUR CART OR IN BROWN PAPER BAGS. The right thing to do is put correct recyclables in the cart and don't hope or wish they can magically be recycled. The recycle cart may not be collected and/or additional fees will apply if in plastic bags or there are unacceptable items. Click Recycle Right to print and view acceptable curbside recycle items.


AThe ACE yard waste collection service is not available in Ham Lake. Please contact your City Hall Office for information on available yard waste options or click your county to link to the County's website: Anoka County.

It's not always about price for me... I look for dependability and quality service and ACE does a fantastic job!

Kelley - Customer
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